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Founding Texts

Higher education and Research Law No. 2013-660 of July 22. 2013, article No. 1 :
“The state is guarantor of equality relating to all public services in the domain of Higher Education”
Article No. 62 : “The coordination of its members’ policies is to be managed by the community of Universities and other establishments, according to article No. 718-2 of National Higher Education Code.”
The National Higher Education Code details the organisation of national Higher Education, Universities and student life.


Statutes of the UPL Community has been approved by the decree No. 2014-1677 on December 29th, 2014.

In accordance with the Law and with the statutes, UPL Community becomes a public scientific, cultural, and professional organization (EPCSCP).

As a reminder, the UPL Community was initially a Research and Higher Education Pole (PRES), set up as a public scientific cooperation organization (EPCS), established by the decree No. 2012-1111 on October 1st, 2012 (repealed and replaced by decree No. 2014-1677 on December 29th).


In accordance with article 9.3 of the new statutes approved by the decree No. 2014-1677 on December 29th, 2014, the new rules of procedure will be adopted by the board of trustees.


On July 17th, the first four Communities of Universities (“ComUE”), including the UPL Community, signed their site contract at the Ministry for Higher Education and Research in the presence of the heads of the members’ institutions.

The site contract is an official document that lasts several years and which, on the one hand, clarifies the strategy of the UPL Community especially in terms of training and research, and on the other hand, commits the French state to its funding and maintenance.

UPL Community is among the first four French Communities of Universities having a site contract (along with Paris Sciences et Lettres, Université Sorbonne Paris Cité, and Sorbonne Universités).

Download the site contract with the link below.


Site contract of the UPL Community

Decree No. 2012-1111 on October 1st 2012

Rule of procedure of the UPL Community

Law No. 117 of July 22, 2013

Article L718-7 of national Education Code