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IDEFI Créatic

Run by Université Paris 8, and in association with Université Paris Ouest, this project has been chosen as part of the call for proposals “Excellence initiatives in innovative training” (IDEFI). The aim of the project “Innovative training for, and through Creativity, Action, and Collaboration” (CréaTIC) is to carry out research in a creative manner, and creative projects in the manner of experimental research. The IDEFI CréaTIC is intended as a laboratory for innovation, especially in the field of lifelong training and learning.

The IDEFI CréaTIC will contribute to the UPL Community:

In relation to the development of digital technology for end-users, undertaken by the UPL Community.

In relation to the research project based around the field of creativity, such as the research theme No. 2: Art and Creation, which includes an educational strand, as well as a research strand. The training process is therefore based around theoretical reflexion on the notion of “creation sciences”.

In relation to the development of the Art Centre project.

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