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Student Life

Student life is taken very seriously by the UPL Community. In addition to the training board, the UPL Community appoints a student Vice-President, and an assistant Vice-President within the different committees.

The UPL Community wants to develop student representation to make it more sustainable and effective, while also adapting it to face new challenges. In that sense, new measures for student housing and academic personal will be one of the UPL Community’s main points of focus. Other measures will be implemented in order to encourage community initiatives.

To sustain a suitable system of governance

A coordinated association will be tasked with setting up a common Observatory of Student Life for both universities. Its aim will be to improve student living conditions, particularly in terms of health and disabilities.

Housing is one of our major concerns. Therefore, a coordinated association will be set up to deal with housing programmes in partnership with existing systems, such as the “CROUS” of Versailles and Créteil, and local authorities.

To improve basic housing conditions

In partnership with local authorities, UPL Community intends to test innovative measures to encourage intergenerational and solidarity flat sharing. In order to foster student mobility, the UPL Community will ensure safe and adequate housing conditions for their students abroad.

Finally, the emergency housing will be set up to respond to the increasing need among students living in vulnerable conditions, or facing physical violence or abusive treatment.

To foster community initiatives

The UPL Community intends to foster cultural, as well as sports initiatives in the community. Thus, the founding universities would unite their orchestras in order to create an inter-university orchestra. This will be supported by the UPL Community, who will improve students’ access to cultural events, and who will organize an association day.

Le Pass’Culture

In partnership with all of the concerned associate members, an initiative is underway to determine various possible means for improving students’ access to culture (museums, libraries, document collections and archives). For this purpose, the Pass’ Culture will be created. With this Pass’ Culture, students will enjoy privileged access to cultural institutions in the Paris region, and especially to associated member institutions.